We offer Life Coaching and Study Motivation

Improve your life with various life coaching programs

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What is life coaching?

Life coaching involves various techniques to guide clients to set up and reach goals, create good habits, improve productivity and overcome obstacles.

Where counseling focus more on the past, life coaching aims to improve your current situation and build a positive future by teaching you various techniques to improve your life day by day.

All our sessions are available in English or Afrikaans and can be done online, or at our offices in Pretoria-East.

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Life Coaching for kids & Teens

Learn techniques to stay motivated, set goals and achieve your sport and academic potential. Improve your emotional intelligence, social skills, and self-confidence.

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Life Coaching for adults

Learn how to set goals, improve your time management, build self-confidence and improve your emotional intelligence. We work with you to improve relationships at work and at home.

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Study Motivation

Do you struggle with the motivation to study? We teach you techniques to plan your study time, improve time management, set goals, build a better study environment, and more.


Examples of the techniques we use

neuro linguistic programming
Neuro Linguistic Programming
art therapy
Art Therapy
Animal-assisted therapy
rugby sport psychlogy
Sport Psychology and Goal Setting Techniques
emotional intelligence
Emotional intelligence
hanteer boelies so

Are you the victim of bullying?

Stop bullying

Learn how to deal with bullying